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There is an abundance of pharmaceutical companies all over the world, which gave hope to millions of people for gaining better health condition. However, what are these big concerns?

The first one is undoubtedly GlaxoSmithKline – a British concern, which has been working on the pharmaceutical market for 16 years. The company was established as a result of joining two brands and currently accumulates almost 100 thousand employees. The corporation is distinguished by the fact that it regularly leads experimental and developmental activities. Vaccines and the production of innovative medicines are its potential. It specializes in medicines supporting among others fighting respiratory system diseases and cancers. The brand also produces dermocosmetics and products facilitating intimate hygiene. During one year, the company earned 38 billion PLN. On the podium there is also Merck – the oldest pharmaceutical enterprise which was set up in 1668 in Germany.

Merck became famous for producing morphine out of opium and also for its slightly controversial research concerning cocaine as a strong anesthetic agent. The company currently works on medicines for diabetics, devises pharmaceutics for the people with cancers and vaccines. Its revenue on average reaches 42 billion dollars per year and it hires around 68 thousand workers. The third place went to Sanofi – a French company established in 1994, which employed 110 thousand workers. The revenues are slightly higher than in case of Merck, as they reach around 43 billion dollars. The corporation specializes in producing medicines related to niche diseases, immune and cardio-metabolic.

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