Pharmaceutical Industry Industry World Congress

Pharmaceutical Industry World Congress is an annual industry meeting, which gathers the most important companies from the pharmaceutical sector so that they can familiarize with the novelties in drug production, get to know the machines that allow to automatize the production process and simultaneously find out what innovative resources will become an investment in the subsequent months. The congress has been organized uninterruptedly for 7 years and has become an annual event. It is an essential initiative for all companies from the pharmaceutical industry so that they can receive vital knowledge on innovative medicine production methods and exchange opinions with other experts from the trade. Year by year the demand for innovative drugs is rising, therefore, the companies that want to gain a competitive edge and at the same time increase the demand have to be up to date with current scientific research and still be open to innovations. For more than four years Pharmaceutical Industry World Congress has been organized together with Cosmetic Industry World Congress.

Such a solution allows integration of the representatives of two different environments and undoubtedly influences the improvement of relation between pharmaceutical companies and their providers. The event also allows to widen one’s point of view as for medicine production, get to know innovative technologies and trends, exchange experiences and information and facilitates making business contacts, therefore it is worth participating in.


Development of the pharmaceutical market
Pharmaceutics for a long time has evoked interest with its innovations and because of this it belongs to the best developing branches.
The future of the pharmaceutical market
Pharmaceutical market is constantly developing and makes better and better medicines by means of innovative methods.
What should you know about dietary supplements?
There are many products on the supplementation market, that you should get to know in detail in order to be sure which of them you should choose.
Best pharmaceutical companies
There is an abundance of pharmaceutical companies all over the world, which gave hope to millions of people for gaining better health condition.

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